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At Vigil we understand that, as an aged care provider, you want to provide exceptional care in a safe and appealing environment. We also realize you need to do this in a cost effective manner. Vigil provides emergency response and resident monitoring solutions for every budget and care continuum. The Vigil Platform includes hardware and software that is scalable and adaptable, giving you the freedom to customize your system to address the specific requirements of your facility.  Where applicable, please click on the product links to view full product descriptions.

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The Vigil Platform operates all of the products listed below and annunciates calls to the appropriate caregiver through silent pagers, wireless phones, or email enabled smart phones. The software allows facilities to run a variety of reports to analyze the activities in their facility.

Vigil Dementia System

The Vigil Dementia System provides residents suffering from dementia with a means of summoning help without being cognitively alert.  The Vigil Dementia System's intelligent software and passive sensors continually monitor resident rooms to detect unexpected behavior for example: extended time out of bed or in the restroom, leaving the room, even incontinence. Incidents are automatically reported to the appropriate caregiver via silent pager, wireless phones or email enabled smart phone, facilitating a calm home-like environment, and eliminating the need for audible alarms or flashing lights that agitate residents.

Enjoy a short video on the unique Yuculta Lodge in Campbell River, British Columbia. The facility supports 100 elderly people who need full-time residential care at the intermediate and extended care levels. The home-like design is residential in character and scale, and its staffing model and programming afford many opportunities for residents to participate in normal home activities such as cooking, baking, household chores and hobbies.

Take a room tour of the award-winning Vigil Dementia System. This innovative resident monitoring system provides residents suffering from dementia with a means of summoning help when they are no longer able to understand how to work a conventional nurse call system. The Vigil Dementia System allows your facility to offer quality care in a safe environment and meet residents ’ desire for privacy and independence.

Vigil Vitality Care System

The Vitality Care System (Wireless or Hybrid Call System) is designed to alert caregivers or security staff when a resident is in need of assistance, identify who the resident is, and provide a general description of his or her location. When residents require assistance they simply press the button on their discrete, wireless personal transmitter or other calling device.  The option of Vigil Bed Monitoring provides additional monitoring for those residents who need more than the traditional nurse call system. Bed Monitoring includes a bed exit pad, chair exit pad and an optional incontinence sensor, which can be set to specific rules based on the needs of each particular resident. Care staff are notified via silent pagers, wireless phones or email enabled smart phones.

Vigil Nurse Call System

The Vigil Nurse Call System allows residents to call caregivers through hardwired call buttons with call cords, emergency push stations or emergency pull stations. Caregivers are notified via silent pagers, wireless phones or email enabled smart phones, identifying the type and location of the call. Calls are escalated to additional staff if not answered in a specified timeframe.

Vigil Resident Check-In System alerts staff when a resident is not well enough to have "checked-in" for the day. Residents "check-in" with staff or security by pressing a wall station button or opening and closing a particular door. At the end of the "check-in period", as defined by the facility, a report will be printed including all those residents who have not checked-in.

Vigil Perimeter Monitoring offers an additional form of notification for those facilities where door alarms and resident smoke detectors may not be heard throughout the facility. The Vigil System can be integrated with perimeter doors and smoke detectors for additional monitoring within a facility. When monitored doors or smoke detectors go into alarm, caregivers will be notified through pagers or wireless phones and the call information will be recorded in the Vigil Software.
With a complete suite of products, we are here to serve you. Our extensive training programs are prepared for your care and administrative staff to give them the confidence and expertise to effectively use the Vigil technology. Our first-rate Customer Support Team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vigil also offers thorough technical training for on-site maintenance personnel to ensure minor technical problems are dealt with quickly and easily. For further information on Vigil's training and customer support please see Vigil Support.

For more information our full range of hardware products and software solutions, or any of our value-added services, or to schedule a web-conference presentation please call 1-877-850-1122 or click here to contact us via email

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