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Vigil's philosophy of care aligned with Erickson® Retirement Communities' commitment to provide dignity and independence to our residents. The Vigil System facilitates a home like environment and allows facility staff to focus on providing a high quality of life for residents.

Deb Casement, Staff Administrator,
Brooksby Village, Peabody, MA.
The Vigil System is a huge selling point for families, and it enhances residents' quality of life by keeping them more independent, it's also very staff-friendly and easy to use.

Karen Larson, Administrator of the Holmstad,
Covenant Retirement Communities, Batavia, IL.
The system provides families with increased confidence in the facility. We are full with a waiting list and I think Vigil has a lot to do with that. I would recommend the system to other facilities.

Vigil allows us to individualize care plans. The bed wetting sensors are excellent. It is wonderful to allow the residents to sleep uninterrupted and still have the assurance that a caregiver will be paged when needed.

Jo Ann Matyasi, Executive Director,
Inn at Belden Village, Canton, Ohio

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