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Vigil Support

Vigil is committed to providing the highest levels of client support and offers 24 hour critical support, call center assistance, online support as well as email and fax back reply mechanisms. Every call, fax or email received is logged in our database and analyzed in order to facilitate continuous improvement.

Technical Training
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with not only the physical components of the Vigil System, but also the tools to effectively use and maintain the system. In addition to the comprehensive training provided to management and all levels of staff, Vigil offers a Vigil Certified Technical Training Course to on-site maintenance personnel. Included in your system purchase, this training provides the appropriate personnel with the necessary skills to perform basic system maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Software Support & Maintenance
For one full year from the date of completion of your Vigil System installation, Vigil will provide, at no additional charge, maintenance and support services to every customer. This maintenance and support includes software upgrades, software enhancements, software maintenance, emergency support and telephone assistance. At the end of the first full year, a customer can enter into an optional Software Maintenance and Support Agreement. This agreement covers all services provided in the first year at a predetermined yearly cost. Without a software maintenance agreement, Vigil will provide support and upgrades at current list prices.

Support Center
Telephone support is available from our Support Center between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding Canadian statutory holidays. Your calls will be answered by a trained technical support representative and logged on our Helpdesk database. You will also receive a follow up 'Support Fax Back' detailing the nature of the call and the solution or recommendation given. You can also email your questions.

Emergency Support
Vigil's support Center is available for emergency technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To access the Support Center in the event of an emergency please call our toll free support line at 1-877-850-1122. If your call occurs during non-office hours you will be asked to leave a detailed message and a Support Center Representative will return your call promptly. Please refer to the bulleted list below for a description of situations that qualify as emergencies:

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