Vigil Memory Care System
The Vigil Memory Care System is an award-winning system that uses passive sensors and sophisticated software to ensure resident safety while respecting privacy and dignity.​

Nurse call systems don't work for residents with dementia

Residents with memory impairment or dementia are typically unable to use traditional call systems, meaning they are unable to call for help when they need it, or may use the system inappropriately leading to unnecessary calls.  Systems that require residents to wear wrist bands or trackers are often ineffective if residents remove the device, forget to wear it, or if the device requires frequent recharging. 

The Vigil system directs care where and when needed

The Vigil Memory Care System tracks resident activity in the room.  Strategically placed sensors and smart software detect when a resident’s behavior is unsafe and alerts the appropriate care staff. Residents that are not in need of assistance aren’t disturbed. Why wake someone up to see if they’re sleeping?

Helping provide person-centered care...

The Vigil Memory Care System helps promote person-centered care through individualized software settings that can be customized to suit the specific needs of that resident.  For residents that may be at risk of falls, staff are alerted as soon as they get out of bed.  Residents that are more independent may only require assistance if they don’t go back to bed within their “safe” amount of time.  Staff may be alerted as soon as a resident enters the bathroom, or only if they are in there for an unusually long period of time.  Notifications may be sent if a resident leaves his room in the middle of the night and goes into another resident’s room.  Restlessness, pacing, rummaging and other anxious behaviors may also create alerts.  

About the Vigil Integrated Care Management System

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