Residents with memory impairment or dementia are typically unable to use traditional call systems, meaning they are unable to call for help when they need it or may use the system inappropriately leading to unnecessary calls. These residents may also be at higher risk for elopement, falls or other behaviors that require more sophisticated monitoring. The Vigil Memory Care System is an award winning system that uses passive sensors and sophisticated software to ensure resident safety while respecting the privacy and dignity of the resident. The Vigil Memory Care System differs from other motion sensor based systems due to the smart software that only calls staff when a resident is outside his or her safe behavior pattern and not every time they move. Communities using the Vigil Memory Care system experience improved quality of care, operational efficiencies, better risk management and have used it as a proven marketing tool.

Memory Care Sensors
  • Smart motion sensor technology
  • Fall prevention and fall management
  • Customizable for each resident
  • Care planning tools
  • Wander management
  • Reports
  • Easy to use software
  • Staff alerts through pagers, wireless phones or smart phones through the Vigil Mobile app
  • Ideal for assisted living, special care, memory care and health care units